Our Philosophy

Our journey through life is interlaced with accomplishments and disappointments and the corresponding emotions that they evoke. Regardless of our station in life we have our achievements to celebrate and life’s obstacles to overcome. And more often than not, there is a financial element to both of these aspects of life.

Because of the financial tie to success or misfortune, money, even though it is just a tool, has a deep-rooted emotional component because it is so wrapped up in our personal lives and feelings. Since money is so integrated into who we are, we define ourselves by it to varying degrees. There are essentially three things that comprise our relationship with money, first we have our past experiences or history with money, then we have our current financial situation and finally we have our future aspirations or goals.

In order to successfully manage our wealth moving forward, we need to understand our financial past, our current financial situation and clearly define what we want for our lives in the future. Simply put, success to us is meeting our clients’ goals (not beating the market) and helping them find a balance between managing their wealth and enjoying their life’s journey.

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Mark W. Vroman